AGROAD is partnering with SK Kuřim Handball

As you have surely noticed, a beautiful new sports hall opened in Kuřim in September 2018.

The hall has a 1980 m2 footprint, though the total floor space within is actually 2478 m2. The seating area can hold a total of 400 spectators, so the building is exactly what Kuřim has been waiting for – a hall where matches can be played in front of an audience. The building is designed in the shape of a “broken iceberg” with a façade that’s divided up into white and black areas.

The hall is mainly used for games of handball, volleyball, floorball and football, but also hosts judo and wrestling. It is primarily used by sports clubs from Kuřim, though Brno clubs also travel here.

Of course, AGROAD has noticed the new hall too, and as we love sport we were interested in seeing if there were any opportunities for cooperation. And so this year we became partners with the club SK Kuřim Handball, with which we are now planning further activities.

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