18. 3. 2019

Get ready for the springtime!

The spring is coming along with work in the field and outdoors. After the winter, a variety of defects is detected in the machinery that need to be repaired before the spring arrives. Many farmers buy new machines in the spring, many buy spare parts and prepare their machines for 100% performance. As you have some time to do so, we bring you some tips for the spring checks of your beloved machine, no matter whether it is a ZETOR tractor or another farm machine.

Oil – check the oil level of the tractor after every ride and do not neglect it before the first spring ride. Use a dipstick and refill oil if its level is insufficient. Also check the lubrication system connections for leaks.

Your tractor will be grateful to you!

Coolant – check the coolant in your tractor. Low-freezing coolant mixed with distilled/soft water must be refilled periodically. When checking the coolant, it is also suitable to blow the cooling fins with compressed air.

Brakes – they belong undoubtedly to the most important parts of the tractor, which must be checked very carefully and frequently. Therefore, change the brake pads regularly and check the brakes to see if they work. When checking the brakes, it is good to look at the amount of brake fluid in the tank.

Tires – we recommend checking them before every ride, especially for any cracks or insufficient pattern. If there are large cracks in the tires or are too worn, replace them as soon as possible. It is also advisable to check the tightening of bolts and nuts and tighten them if necessary.

Lights – check if all the lights of your tractor are shining. Lights are also important parts of the tractor which should be all right, especially when you drive the tractor on the road.

Fuel – now just check the amount of fuel, refill it if necessary, and you can go to cultivate your field!

We wish you a happy journey without technical problems and complications, and if you need high quality spare parts, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

28. 2. 2019

Fireman Blansko

As in previous years, we support the Volunteer Fire Brigade of the Blansko District in 2019. We appreciate their dedication to firefighting and solving various other complications around the Moravian Karst. You will hear a lot about our joint activities. In February, the General Assembly and the fifth anniversary ball where held, where AGROAD representatives were present.

The Akcent band played for dancing. Unusual performances, fakir and fire show, historical underwear show and cancan were prepared by the Association of Elegant Ladies and the In Flamenus group. Little Dave, well-known from the television competition Czechoslovakia Has a Talent, presented his painting art.

We believe that the firefighters and their guests had a good time and are prepared to hard and challenging work in the next year.

AGROAD is looking forward to further collaboration in the year 2019 and is ready to supply high quality spare parts for your machinery to remain alert and ready to help where needed.

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