The Fated Zetor 25

Love for tractors is visible in the photographs sent to our competition from our customer Terka.

She already participated last year and this year we couldn’t resist to ask where she had got such beautiful photos of the Zetor 25 tractors. This tractor has been the workhorse of (not only) Czech fields for more than 60 years and although it could enjoy its well-deserved rest among the veterans, it often continues to serve. This is why AGROAD decided to develop spare parts for these models, that are often not available on the market anymore. These include sets of wet-cylinder liners, radiators, disks, water pumps and various valves. On request, we can also get mudguards.

Hats off to the designers of Brno Zbrojovka, who were able to manufacture the first piece in 1945 and started mass production in 1946. The specific feature of the Zetor 25 model is its unbeliavable lock, as it can turn its front wheels to the right angle and with braking on one wheel, it can practically turn around on the spot.

Zetor 25 was produced until 1961, so with the record-breaking 160 thousand pieces, it is one of the longest uninterrupted series in the world, which is a clear proof of quality. The production was divided into two types: A (aggregation) and K (cultivation), the main difference being the tyre sizes.

In Terka’s family, there are about 11 Zetor 25 tractors, both A and K models. Not all of them are currently running, but they are gradually being put together. Terka’s favourite is her Z25A called Bohoušek, whose renovation was completed this year. Terka inherited it from her grandfather, so its value has increased by the emotional bond, since Bohoušek has been with her family for more than 30 years.

Another work model is called Karel. As Terka has two horses at home, grass needs to be cut, hay turned and bundles carried. Karel has been a member of the family since 2006 and before Bohoušek, he was the main participant of tractor shows and historical tractor exhibitions. Several models Z25K and Z25A owned by Terka’s extended family are also worth mentioning. The most unique is the Zetor 25 Driving School.

The good news is that Terka has recently finished high school and tractor owners even include her cousins aged 13 and more. Which means another generation of tractor drivers and admirers of good old veterans is growing. If I need any spare parts for them, I can turn to AGROAD.

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