Do you know that you can find many spare parts for lorries in the product range of AGROAD?

AGROAD is primarily known for sale of spare parts for ZETOR tractors. The company founder came up with original idea to sell spare parts for tractors and all agricultural equipment to agriculturists so that they reliably serve their purpose and fields are cultivated permanently.  Lorries often help in the fields therefore AGROAD decided to extend its offer for spare parts for various brands.

That is why you can find, besides parts for tractors, also many parts for lorries in AGROAD product range. For example, among the parts you can get for TATRA 815, the most frequently used model that is intended into hard terrain and has been sold for almost 40 years, there are engine parts, chassis parts and bodywork parts.

You can find more than 2000 lorry items in stock and also many new items on request at AGROAD. For example, COJALI that is distributed by AGROAD offers many parts for brake and cooling systems, clutch boosters and automatic selectors that are alternative products with equal or better quality than the original parts.

Besides the parts for TATRA, there are also spare parts for AVIA, LIAZ, DAF, MAN or IVECO lorries in AGROAD product range. Recently the portfolio has been extended for spare parts of ST-TEMPLIN AUTOMOTIVE that are characterized by high quality and you can also find spare parts for MERCEDES – BENZ, SCANIA, RENAULT, VOLVO and other lorries here. Go to AGROAD Eshop and you will be surprised how many interesting parts can be found here.

In the future, the company is going to continue in extending the offer of spare parts – both original and alternative – so that all customers can find what they are looking for. AGROAD massively supports volunteer firemen and their events because it is them who need parts for their TATRA, LIAZ, IVECO and other types of machines.

Nowadays AGROAD is a strong wholesale provider of complex solutions of spare parts for tractors, lorries and agricultural equipment with customers in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Sale and supplies of quality spare parts have been among the main activities of AGROAD for 25 years already. The aims are continuous supplies of spare parts and professional service tailor-made for individual customers. Continuously rising company’s sales and increasing volume of storage areas are the proof that our customers appreciate such approach. Currently a new storage of 430 m2 is being completed.


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