Are you looking for parts for vintage ZETOR?

AGROAD offers unique extensive range of ZETOR tractor parts for veteran tractors models ZETOR 25 and ZETOR SUPER 50

Company AGROAD, one of the leading suppliers of original and alternative spare parts announces new arrival of parts for ZETOR 25 and SUPER 50. AGROAD has long offered a comprehensive range of tractor and truck parts suitable for ZETOR, TATRA, AVIA and other brands. Nowadays it is hard to find spare parts for legendary ZETOR 25 and ZETOR SUPER 50, but in AGROAD we have this specialized range which includes more than 1 000 tractor parts.

AGROAD has long as well as in-depth experience of the aftermarket industry. According to company managing director Ing. Adday, this ZETOR 25 and ZETOR SUPER 50 range was developed specifically to provide a combination of quality, cost and availability. “ZETOR veteran is a key market where we are keen to provide customized offers,” he said. “Having spent over 24 years in this business, I know how unique the tractor parts market is.”

ZETOR 25 and SUPER 50 stay functional

The model ZETOR 25, was manufactured from 1946 to 1968, with more than 158,570 pcs being built in Brno in the Czech Republic. There were not many world tractor brands that could compare to this result! More than 97 000 of these tractors were exported across the world and many of them are still operational. In 1960 the SUPER 50 was born. These tractors were sold as far as Burma, Ghana and Iraq.

Company AGROAD is offering spare parts to ensure that these models remain functional. Therefore obtaining replacement tractor parts for veterans ZETOR is not a problem, with the help of AGROAD. AGROAD will be happy to advise you with parts.

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